How to Know What the Best Gutter Guards Are?

Gutter Guard
10 Jan

Do You Need Gutter Guards?

Guards are not a 100% effective way to keep debris out of your gutters, especially because small animals may still try to nest and dirt will still collect as usual. But, if you frequently find yourself pulling piles of leaves or plant growth out of the gutters, guards can really help you cut down on these particular types of build-up.

Most gutter guards do a great job keeping large items out of the gutters, although they can’t block everything. Having a gutter guard does not mean you won’t have to do anymore routine maintenance, but it will certainly make the job of cleaning much easier.

What Are the Best Gutter Guards?

Your specific needs for your house will actually determine which kind of guards you should consider. The best gutter guards for one home may not be the same for another. Here are some recommendations:

  • Mesh screens and screen covers: a large amount of heavier debris will not be able to enter the gutters if you have a mesh screen. However, it can get holes relatively easily that will allow some larger items through. Also, dirt can easily pass through into the gutters just the same.
  • Foam guards: if you live in an area with minimal rainfall at a time, this might work well for you, as this type fits directly inside the gutters and blocks medium-large debris. Heavy rainfall is not very compatible with this type of guard though, so be careful where you want to install it.
  • Bottle brush guards: while the concept is interesting and these do help to keep out a lot of the larger debris and clogs, it’s difficult to clean a gutter with this type of guard. Also, clogs can sometimes happen more easily as there is something for the dirt and debris to catch onto within the gutter track.
  • Gutter covers: Covering the gutters seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s actually very effective for block most debris from entering. The reverse curve gutter cover is the most common type. It allows water to flow into the gutters, but keeps out most medium-large debris. Again, this gutter cover is not a good idea where there is heavy rainfall, as it cannot accommodate a lot of water at once.

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